Detox Protocol - Health Questionnaire

The following health questionnaire was designed to assist you in determining what system(s) or organs and glands are weak or failing in your body. Disease symptoms are nothing more than the failure of your cells to function properly, as well as congested and obstructed body systems.

Use of our herbal formulas to help you clean and strengthen the specific areas of your body that this questionnaire identifies for you.

If you wish for us to assist you on this journey, our in-house detoxification specialist, trained in the USA by Dr Robert Morse, ND,  will personally recommend either an 8 week or a 14-week protocol specifically designed for your areas of weaknesses upon the completion of a 1 hr phone consultation and filling out the health assessment questionnaire.

The cost for a written protocol plus a 1 hr phone consultation to discuss and explain your protocol, as well as to answer any questions you have:

8 week protocol - $179

14 week protocol - $199

Optional follow up phone consultations (30 mins) - $50ea

Written protocols do not include the cost of the herbs.

Simply  Download the following PDF file here   print it out, and email it to: