The Detox Shop was born out of a passion for all things natural and toxin-free

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                                                                  Our Story


             The Detox Shop was born out of a passion for all things natural and toxin-free, as  well as a true belief in the power of detoxification, herbal                           protocols, and that what we put both in and on our bodies creates our internal environment. It is that internal environment that creates our                         state of wellness or dis-ease.


Our CEO and founder, Julie Mayor, is a Level II Detoxification specialist, trained in the US by the renowned Dr Robert Morse N.D., who is regarded by many as being a guru in the field of healing through detoxification, regeneration and herbal protocols.


Julie has a colon hydrotherapy and detoxification clinic located in Western Sydney, where her clients have seen a huge improvement in both gut health and all-round wellness using many of the products, and has ended up with a ‘wait list’ for people wanting to purchase more and more of Dr Morse herbal products.


This demand, combined with Julie wanting to further spread the learning of healing through the use of Dr Morse herbal protocols, natural therapies, gut health, and toxin free products to support the detoxification and healing journey of more people in the community, lead to the creation of The Detox Shop.


The Detox Shop stocks a large variety of Dr Morse herbs, as well as a range of natural, chemical free products to assist clients to detox and heal, as well as replace their toxin-heavy skin and body products with products that are a much healthier, chemical free option, such as soaps, oral products, shampoo etc. 


Being based in Australia, we are able to make these products more readily available and accessible throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.


Julie is also available to write individual herbal detoxification protocols for clients who are unsure of where they need to start or concentrate for their own personal health concerns, and our wonderful staff are available for any questions you might have.


Please check back to our site regularly, as more and more products will be added over the coming months.


         The Golden Key


           “It always comes back to the golden key of detoxification.”

            Dr Robert Morse, N.D., D.Sc., MH





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